What's Covered In The Hyundai Roadside Assistance!

What's Covered In The Hyundai Roadside Assistance!

When purchasing a Hyundai vehicle, you’ll be welcomed to the Hyundai family with a vehicle warranty that includes complimentary Roadside Assistance. Hyundai has established itself as a reliable brand in the motoring market and this feature will give you peace of mind when you’re travelling. 


The Details


Complimentary Roadside Assistance is available for five years for all Hyundai models launched from 2015 - present. A three-year service is offered for models dating from 2014 or earlier. The Roadside Assistance programme will cover the vehicle regardless of the number of kilometres driven. 


Obtain direct access to Hyundai road assistance by downloading the app. Avoid the hassle of making a phone call by simply tapping on the app. You’ll be assisted at any time. Your GPS coordinates are transferred to a qualified technician in the vicinity. The Roadside Assistance app is iOS and Android compatible.

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Proceed to the official Hyundai website and enter your VIN number to see if your vehicle is eligible for Roadside Assistance. The 17-digit VIN number is the manufacturer’s serial number, providing important information pertaining to the vehicle’s history. The VIN number can be found on the dashboard on the driver’s side inside the vehicle. It’s also displayed on the doorframe on the driver’s door. Your vehicle’s documentation will also include the VIN number.


The Benefits


The Roadside Assistance coverage offers multiple services. If your vehicle breaks down and requires further intervention, a licensed towing service will be provided to transport your vehicle to the closest mechanic. If your vehicle’s battery is dead, it’ll be jump-started by a battery-boosting service. If a replacement battery is necessary, your vehicle will be towed instead. You’ll also have direct access to a flat tire changing service.


Locking yourself out of your vehicle won’t be a stressful event as the programme provides a Lockout Relief service. If your tank is empty, Roadside Assistance will deliver the necessary fuel without any hassle. Mechanical first aid is also available if your vehicle requires on-site mechanical assistance. 


Off-road drivers will be relieved to know that Hyundai help includes a Winching and Extrication service, ready to extract your vehicle out of any sticky (or muddy) situation. If your Hyundai is involved in an accident, a Trip Accident Assistance service is provided to support you during this stressful experience.


The Fine Print


The Hyundai company is legally authorized to alter or cancel the Hyundai road aid at any time. The program is a limited service and not classified as a warranty. It doesn’t reimburse vehicle owners for any costs relating to services provided during roadside assistance.  


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