Explore The Top Benefits of Using Hyundai Digital Key!

Explore The Top Benefits of Using Hyundai Digital Key!

Paving the way forward in smartphone and vehicle integration, Hyundai is the first to launch Digital Key technology. If you’re the lucky Hyundai driver of a 2023 Ioniq 6, 2024 Kona or 2024 Elantra, experience the innovative technology of the Hyundai Digital Key. 


Digital Key Details


As a primary user, you’ll have access to this convenient feature via iPhone or select Samsung devices. The Digital Key offers access to four users via a ‘shared key.’ This can be done from far distances. A friend or relation needs to have a compatible mobile device and download MyHyundai, Apple Wallet or Samsung Pass apps. An invite to accept a Shared Key can then be sent. The primary user can cease access to the Shared Keys at any time. 


Near Field Communication (NFC) is used in Hyundai Wireless Key technology, providing enhanced security as the technology only activates when the device is within a few centimetres of the vehicle. The NFC Digital Key ensures that others aren’t able to enter the vehicle or start the engine. 


Simply hold your iPhone or Samsung device against the door handle on the driver’s side. Position the phone on the wireless charging tray inside the vehicle. While the phone is charging, press the start button to turn on the engine. In addition to the Digital Key feature, you’ll also receive two proximity keys. These offer passive entry and keyless-start capabilities. 

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With the Hyundai Digital Key, you can customize your climate control to the perfect temperature, adjust the angles of your side mirrors, alter your seat position, and personalize your audio to align with your music taste. 


Mobile Integration


Samsung users need to log into MyHyundai with Bluelink Sharing Connect Car Services app and tap on the ‘start pairing’ button. Once your device is placed on the wireless charging pad inside the vehicle, refer to your vehicle display screen and follow the instructions. Tap on ‘Setup,’ then ‘Vehicle,’ ‘Digital Key,’ and ‘My Smartphone Key.’ Click on ‘Save’ to complete the process. An Android watch isn’t compatible with the Digital Key at present, but the user can share up to three Digital Keys.


Apple users must also log onto the MyHyundai app and tap on ‘Start Pairing’. Once you’ve logged on, follow the instructions on the Hyundai’s display screen: tap on ‘Setup,’ ‘Vehicle,’ ‘Digital Key,’ ‘My Smartphone Key’, and then tap on ‘Save’. A maximum of three iPhones and three Apple Watches can pair with the remote key.


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