5 Benefits of Owning a Pre-Owned Certified Hyundai Car!

5 Benefits of Owning a Pre-Owned Certified Hyundai Car!

The increase in price for new vehicles has forced many Canadian drivers to buy used cars instead of brand-new ones. This isn’t a big deal, especially if you get a certified Hyundai. You can choose from different options from our inventory, including sedans, SUVs and compacts. Here are the top 5 benefits of purchasing a pre-owned Hyundai-certified car.


One-Year Warranty

When you purchase a used car that is not certified, you get only the remainder of the original warranty, if it is still available. However, a certified pre-owned Hyundai is protected by a one-year warranty, filled with great perks. For minor issues such as a flat tire or a dead battery, there is 24/7 road assistance service available. Additional benefits include emergency towing, battery jump-start, lock-out assistance and reimbursements for covered repairs.


Get the Best Qualified Vehicles

Before any pre-owned Hyundai is added to the inventory, it must undergo meticulous inspection to ensure it meets the required standard. Each dealer must verify the quality assurance by performing necessary maintenance services, including checking the tire tread depth, brake pad thickness and all fluids. Specially trained Hyundai technicians must also recondition and repair the vehicle to meet the required standards.


Full Vehicle History

Pre-owned vehicles might have a few secrets, which is why studying the history report is important to uncover everything. It usually contains a wealth of data about a car, including damage history, maintenance records, recalls and actual mileage. Hyundai provides a complete car history for each pre-owned vehicle, including information about previous owners. This data will be accessible when you find a car you want to purchase.


Easy Financing


Hyundai offers flexible financial solutions for all budgets and lifestyles. The most common option is long-term leasing, which allows you to make regular payments over time. Then, you can buy the vehicle out at the end of the term to own the vehicle if you want. Another option is a loan financed by the dealer or directly from a financial institution.


Lower Insurance Cost

The insurance cost for any vehicle varies based on driving history, mileage and credit score. Since pre-owned Hyundais usually cost less, their insurance is also lower than that of a new car. Moreover, since someone has already taken the depreciation hit for pre-owned Hyundai-certified cars, you become the beneficiary. This means you will get an almost-new vehicle at a significant discount with lower insurance costs.


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Whether you are buying your first car or replacing an existing vehicle, Hyundai vehicles offer several benefits. Contact one of Calgary's top used car dealers to explore our inventory and discover the available payment options.

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